Board-Certified Music Therapist and Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga Lynn Noble will lead you through a clinically-informed relaxation experience using movement, meditation, and aural healing modalities. Passive and active experiences will include gentle stretching, guided imagery and meditation, breathwork, chanting, and receptive absorption of the soothing sounds of singing bowls.

Rhythm and frequency are used to affect relaxation responses and the flow of energy in both meditation and sound healing practices. Through exposure to stable frequencies, the mind and body are able to entrain with consistent aural stimuli, synchronizing fluctuating brain waves and gently massaging the physical body into equilibrium. The breath and body are balanced in response to the steady sound, and the mind is guided into a peaceful relaxed state through soft attunement. Both sound and meditation experiences can provide results for sleep difficulties, stress and anxiety, and perception of pain.

Join us for this two hour sound relaxation meditation experience. This workshop is appropriate for all levels, and no experience is necessary.

Sound relaxation meditation


Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

2pm to 4pm

Burlington Yoga