singing bowls


Quartz crystal singing bowls are beautifully resonant instruments that have a rich harmonic structure. these crystal bowls can be tuned to different notes that resonate with specific areas of the body, mind, and emotions. bowls can be used to activate or calm, and also as a support for vocal toning. 

Bronze singing bowls are handmade metal bowls and are used for their activating sound and strength in focusing the mind and supporting clarity as well as release. These bowls can be used on or around the body. 

tuning forks


Tuning forks are precisely machined aluminum instruments that ring at a specific frequency. they are used to send vibrations into and around the body. sets of tuning forks are designed based on the use of musical intervals that each carry different psychoacoustic qualities, as well as frequencies of natural materials and entities that have been measured scientifically. tuning forks can direct sound vibrations deep into the body to massage organs, stimulate bone regeneration, and work with emotions and other psychological states to create greater flow. the tuning fork system i use is derived from the harmonic overtone series as it occurs in nature.

shruti box


The shruti box is a traditional Indian instrument that works on a system of bellows. it is similar to a harmonium, and used as a drone to accompany vocal toning.