I feel very fortunate to have experienced your class! I have been doing yoga for 10 years and since I've started attending your class I have seen my practice blossom. Your knowledge of the body and how you recognized what my body needs as well as your adjustments make all the difference in my practice now! 

I believe yoga starts off being physical, then mental, and final spiritual. For a while now I have been on the cusp of mental and spiritual, something about the energy I have when you're guiding us, and your visual cues, allows me to be grounded and centered, especially at the close of class and we ohm (I have omd before, but it makes total sense to me know!) 

I and my body thank you for helping me find my posture, my alignment, my strength, and my ohm!


Lynn's thoughtful flow and amazing adjustments were the perfect start to a hectic week.


I have to mention Lynn, the Yoga teacher. Never was a fan of Yoga before going to her classes, but she totally changed my perspective on it, and I have made some real progresses and I love it. Her class are usually 10 people max, so she can look at everyone and give you advice/tips. And she will never hesitate to spend 10 more minutes with you after the class if you have questions.

Enjoyed my second 7:30am class from Lynn this morning. She is a fantastic instructor...