Personal statement

Yoga has provided me with a framework to heal and integrate. It is a comprehensive system that enables me to find peace, meaning, and consistent intention in every moment. I deeply revere and value the discipline of practice, and work daily to honor all eight limbs. My personal ritual offers me the time to explore the subtleties of awareness, and to take the mindfulness that I cultivate into the world. Yoga has illuminated my truth, and liberated my energy. The wisdom of the teachings that I continue to receive humbles me with potential to be both present and grounded, and also joyful! I hope to share what I have learned with my students; to support them with a safe and balanced practice that is rooted in breath and awareness and mediation; and to commit to a constant process of learning and practice.


Lynn was first introduced to yoga at a young age, as a means of improving her spinal health and also as a wholly beneficial activity with her family. Yoga practice passed in and out of her life for many years in varying degrees and with different teachers. As a teenager, she found a teacher who opened my eyes to the sonic properties of yoga. With that first sound of OM she knew that a path had been revealed. Again in college, a teacher appeared, one whose perspective and wisdom drew her to his classes. Prem Prakash acquainted Lynn with the philosophical and historical traditions in which Hatha yoga is rooted. 


Years later, Lynn discovered a space and a set of teachers whose knowledge and compassion inspired her to commit to consistent practice. The strength she found moved both inwards and outwards, and began to reveal a true self. The discoveries she made lead to a rethinking of her path, and liberated her to follow the true song of her heart. 

Lynn received her RYT-200 level Yoga Alliance certification through Yoga Mayu, under the instruction of wonderful teachers Gizella Donald, Jody Hahn, and Christopher Love. This training was rooted in the integrated lineages of her teachers, which includes teachings from Sivananada, Ashtanga, and Iyengar schools. Lynn's practice encompasses all eight limbs as outlined by Patanjali, and is a complete system of technique for enriched life and wellness. Lynn has completed the Rocket Yoga training, a system developed in San Francisco by Larry Schultz based on the Ashtanga tradition that allows room for creativity and modification. Her understanding of her place in the yoga tradition was deepened through the Laughing Lotus Yoga Philosophy training with Jasmine Tarkeshi, which again revealed to her the path of Hatha Yoga. Lynn is committed to constant learning, and is open to integration of functional and practical techniques that are supported by a blend of tradition and new research findings.


Lynn is currently an RYT-500 Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga training to become a Yoga Therapist through the Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy. Her primary teacher is Joseph Le Page, founder of the program. The IYT training is 800 Hours and is dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of yoga into modern lifestyle and healthcare paradigms based on a vision of health as unity of body, mind, and spirit. 


It was only through the practice of yoga that Lynn was able to truly see what is real to her in this life; the oneness that is our world. Each of us is whole, complete, and capable of self-healing. With compassion, loving kindness, joy, and equanimity, Lynn is dedicated to creating the conditions for empowered self-healing using the asanas to support a healthy body, the breath to direct energy, meditation to tune awareness, and presence to kindle bliss. Uniting the physicalenergeticintellectualemotional, and joyful selves is a guiding force for her teaching. Beginning with mindfulness here and now, we can cultivate love for all.